Client Honeypot Involvement UX/UI, Branding, Graphic Design

Honeypot is a developer-focused job platform, on a mission to get every developer a great job. Honeypot believe developers should have all the information they need to choose a job they love: whether that’s based on a cutting-edge tech stack, an inspiring team or just good old-fashioned salary. That means no more spam and empty promises from headhunters, no more sending the same application to multiple companies - just one profile and the choice to receive honest offers related to your job preferences direct from companies.

My Approach

I started working for Honeypot 2015 as one of the first employees. As the only designer I was responsible for the execution of every asset from start to finish. I worked closely with every department depending on what problem we were facing at that moment. My workflow included researching, sketching, wireframing, Interactive prototyping, gathering feedback in user testings and starting over until I’ve found a perfect solution for the problem.

Apart from the website I worked tight with the marketing team. I helped them with assets for advertising, blog posts, social media and print media. I also taught them how to use design tools as sketch and abstract for us to collaborate better.